about detox within

Health Beyond The Emotional, the Physical and the Spiritual for men and women

About me

In September 2006 a decision was made to pursue a career in the natural therapy field and I figured Swedish massage was the perfect stepping stone for me. I did a course at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Taradale, Napier where I became certified in Swedish Massage. This was the beginning of a journey I can confidently say was the best decision I ever made.

In April 2007 I enrolled to do a course in Colonic Hydrotherapy and was trained at Kungala Retreat, Coffs Harbour, Australia. I became a registered Colonic Hydrotherapist on the LIBBE (lower intestinal bottom bowel evacuation) unit, at the foundation level and after 3 years advanced to the intermediate level. This modality soon proved to be a valuable asset to the clinic over the years helping a lot of clients on their journey to better health and wellbeing habits.

My name is Annie, and I am the sole operator and owner of Detox Within, a home-based clinic in Tamatea, Napier, established in 2007. Since opening the clinic, I have observed (over the years) a notable change in people’s inclination to prioritize their health and well-being from within. This has inspired me to promote awareness about the benefits of my clinic and its services, particularly colonic hydrotherapy.


My Values

The people in my life who have helped me bring Detox Within to where it is today and still continue to support me.  The rewards that come with this job are what inspire me to keep reaching for the stars.

At Detox Within my priority is to build strong relationships with clients and address potential concerns with openness and honesty. Demonstrating empathy and compassion is to show I care. If I can help make a difference in someone’s world my job is done.

Transparency is key to being clear about the services I offer and the treatment plans while ensuring each client feels comfortable and supported throughout their journey enabling them to trust in the process from beginning to end.
Confidentiality of any information and treatment given lies between the client and myself unless permission to share by the client has been given.

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene throughout the clinic requires thorough disinfecting of the machine (and surrounding surfaces) with hospital-grade disinfectant after every client as well as the use of disposable rectal tubes. Machine maintenance is done monthly with filter changes, descaling of any potential lime build-up, as well as performing a comprehensive inspection of the colonic bed to ensure smooth operation.